Kids will experience trainings similar those astronauts must undergo, with obstacle courses, moon bounce, space shuttle slide, mining experience. They will also have fun with face paintings and educational movie theater.
Go to Models


Guests will see models of rocket boosters, space shuttles, and planets. Education panels and graphics provide information for kids and adults alike.

Go to Sample Domical Structure

Sample Domical Structure

Guests will see a dome sample that is similar to the ones space programs are planing for building colonies in other planets.

Go to Astronaut Park

Astronaut Park

How do astronauts do what they do? You’ll see as you perform tasks and explore the secrets and wonders of space.

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Upon completion of museum section, guests will receive “Space USA Ground Crew” certificate and after completing the Astronaut Park, they will receive “Space USA Astronaut” certificate.


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Space USA Activities/Astronaut park

In our Astronaut Park section, kids will experience activities similar for astronauts via obstacle courses, simulators and other activities

Obstacle Courses

Enjoy the inflatable obstacle courses
Guests of all ages will be able to enjoy these safe obstacle courses and slides.


Enjoy flight experience with virtual reality! Due to mechanical issues, our flight simulator will not be available in Birmingham. Yet our gyroscopic simulator will be available.
Guests will be experiencing virtual reality technologies with simulators.

Movie Theater

Watch educational Q&A from International Space Station. Learn how is life in 0 gravity.
Guests will have movie theater in the exhibition.

Human Gyroscope

Coming soon!
Via Human Gyroscope, guests will experience the loss of direction. Training that prepares Astronauts for the emergency

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